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About ICF:

Insulating Concrete Forms are the future of the building industry.  Popular for both residential and commercial ICF construction, ICFs create homes and businesses that are energy-efficient, fire-resistant, sound-proof, and durable.  Properly constructed, they are tornado and hurricane-proof, and stand up to earthquake, fire, and other natural disasters equally well.  Many homes conserve energy so well that heating and cooling costs are reduced by 50-70 percent.

ICFs are ’styrene blocks’  made from  lightweight EPS foam, commonly called Styrofoam.  The blocks are stacked, reinforced with structural rebar and filled with concrete, forming the exterior walls of the structure.  When complete, the styrene block stays in place, permanently bonded to the concrete, to create an incredibly strong and energy efficient home or commercial building. 

Insulated concrete forms are growing an estimated 20% a year, and are considered a Green Building material that can contribute significant points to LEED accreditation.

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About Nevada ICF:

Nevada ICF was founded in 2007 by two partners who had many years experience building ICF homes in northern Nevada, working for other contractors. Hector Gamboa has been building homes for over 20 years and has become the preeminent expert on ICF in Nevada, having built over 65 homes incorporating ICF. His experience has lead to innovations in the art, developing better installation techniques, sustainable and reusable bracing, and ‘Hector Ties’ , which lock rows of block together at critical places, ensuring the wall is as close to perfect as possible before pouring concrete.  Hector has spoken at numerous conferences and trade shows, and is often consulted by ICF manufacturers regarding products.